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As a part of the summer solstice celebrations on 23rd of June 1950, an air show was held at Utti Airport. There were 12 Finnish Mersu from 31. and 33. Hävittäjälentolaivue participated. The whole program culminated at 7 pm when the four-aircrafts race started. It was in the style known from American Reno, when the aircrafts are circling counter-clockwise in the set perimeter. The selected aircrafts for the race were MT-402 (indicated as D), MT-438 (C), MT-479 (A) and MT-508 (B). All four aircrafts got accentuated colored markings made in washable colors, the combination of white with blue, red and probably yellow. The historians agree that these markings were painted only on the left side of the aircraft. This side of the aircraft was visible to the ground spectator from the center of the race circuit.


Text and photo: Edard MA


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