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Zerstörergeschwader 1 was newly formed in January 1942 on the eastern front from the Schnellkampfgeschader 210 equipped with Messerschmitt Bf 110 fighters. SKG 210 was originally intended for combat tests of Messerschmitt Me 210, but the development of this type was considerably delayed. The original I. and II./SKG 210 became I. and II./ZG 1 . As a completely new unit was created III./ZG with Bf 109 E single engine fighters. The emblem of ZG 1 became a wasp (Wespe) painted on the bow of aircraft and this squadron was known as the "Wespengeschwader". On the Eastern Front until mid-1943, ZG 1 performed fighter-bomber and fighter escort tasks. The crews of twin-engine Messerschmitts were mostly able to successfully fight Soviet fighters, but many of their losses were caused by anti-aircraft defense. Highest losses in one month were recorded by II./ZG 1, in August 1942 this unit lost 25 Bf 110s.

The commander of the new II./ZG 1 was Hptm. Rolf Kaldrack. He was originally a member of the Navy, but after retraining on a reconnaissance pilot, he served in Spain, where he achieved three victories. After returning to Germany, he was appointed General Milch's personal servant officer. At the beginning of 1939, he and two other pilots flew around Africa with a Siebel Fh 104 Hallore. At the beginning of the war he served in the original 6./ZG 1 and on December 18, during a battle over the German Bay, shot down a Wellington bomber. From the beginning of 1940 he was the commander of the original 4./ZG 1 (later 7./ZG 76). In the spring of 1940, he also shot down a Swiss Bf 109. In August 1940, he took command of III./ZG 76 and in November 1940, after achieving eleven victories, he was awarded the Knight's Cross. His Gruppe was renamed II./SKG 210 in April 1941 and Kaldrack commanded it until his death on February 3, 1942. During the attack on Toropa Airport, he was shot down by st. lt . Bocharov with a LaGG -3 fighter from the 21st IAP. The Soviet pilot was able to shoot down the second Messerschmitt with the crew of Oblt. Ortmann. Third Bf 110 crew escaped dogfight with Bocharov.

Kaldrack  received the Oak leaves to the Knight's Cross posthumously, he achieved at least 24 aerial victories. He was succeeded by Major Günther Tonne, who led II./ZG 1 until January 1943, then became Commodore SKG 10 and died on 15 July 1943 in a plane crash in Italy. He received the same honor posthumously as Kaldrack.

Text: Jan "Králík" Bobek

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